Vendee Property

Vendee Property

Vendee Property

Buying a property in the Vendee is many peoples dream. Other people just want a more relaxed lifestyle and work from a property purchased in the Vendee. Property in the Vendee is not expensive but certainly becoming more popular. There are lots of opportunities to buy in the Vendee and the Discovery Travel network is now providing links to companies who will represent potential clients professionally.

Professional Property Sales Agents & Companies

We would always recommend you use a company that has track record, can provide you with detailed information on properties and will guide you with both care and enthusiasm to make your purchase both stress free and secure.

Insurance, Mortgages & Financial Advice

We would recommend you consult with financial advisors, if necessary overseas and in the UK. Good financial advice will make your purchase more secure and enjoyable. Money worries can cause the biggest issues with any overseas purchase. Make sure that any income is handled correctly and both your tax affairs are in order. We would recommend the following:-

BAYDON HILL - Baydonhill plc is a financial services provider offering a completely integrated financial services solution for clients buying property abroad. Baydonhill is listed on AIM, a market regulated by the London Stock Exchange. They aim to provide our clients with a quality of service that is smooth, cost effective and reliable.

BARCLAYS - have helped thousands of British people buy homes abroad and start enjoying new lives in the sun. They have branches all over Europe, and over 80 years experience of making the process as easy as possible. And with English-speaking staff to guide you through the process, you won‘t have to worry about foreign processes or language barriers.

Legal Advice

Get yourself good legal advice on an overseas purchase. It may be absolutely vital to avoid increased charges, assist in planning permissions and long term security. We would recommend the following:-

SEAN 'CONNOR business consists of providing legal advice to British and other English-language purchasers of properties in France. All the staff at Sean O'Connor speak fluent French and will converse directly in French when handling your business. Fees are in most cases arranged on a package basis and are pre-agreed.

Letting your Apartment, villa, Cottage or Gite

Many people buy a second property as an investment for their retirement. Throughout much of the early years in may be necessary or desirable to let your property. A good holiday management and marketing company is invaluable. We would recommend the following:

Please contact us for recommendations. we have a lot of experience in marketing self catering or overseas owner properties and may be able to advise.

Owners Website, Design & Promotion

If you let your own property or wish to increase your income through increased exposure then your own website is absolutely vital. with over 80% of all bookings now researched on the Internet this presence is essential.

WEBSITEVISION is a uk business that specialises in hospitality marketing and an expansive portfolio of satisfied clients. In addition all properties benefit from seeing a discount for advertising on this site whether as an individual of with our self catering management partners.

Refurbishment, Development & Planning

Many people will wish to refurbish their properties and even undertake major developments. We all the know the potential pitfalls and a good recommendation is vital. Below is a number of Vendee merchants. Please call or email yourself and ensure written quotations with well defined milestones.

MSC VENDEE - MSC is a family run carpentry and building company based in the south Vendée, just north of Fontenay-le-Comte. With many years experience in building and renovation projects, both in the UK and in the Vendee, MSC are well placed to work with you to enhance the value of your investment in France. As a family company, their reputation is paramount for success in the Vendée.MSC is fully insured and registered with the Chambre des Métiers.

Background Information

Apart from doing all the obvious things a good book and a few good website references are invaluable.

The most popular book by far is from Angela Bird. This is also a direct link to Amazon page for search word Vendee.

Learn the Language

Perhaps you already speak the language, if not then think about a course or private instruction.


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