Getting Around Vendee

Getting Around Vendee

Getting Around Vendee


Are you prepared to embrace the Vendée? Want to cycle? Go ballooning? Or simply stroll around this quaint county? The choice is yours for the taking.

During the summer months, the road surfaces are in their best condition and the weather is at its most perfect, less heavy rain and wind. The four favorite cycling routes of the Vendée are the La Mothe-Achard, the La Mothe-Achard to the seaside, the La Chaize-Giraud, and the circular route starting at Aizenay. The average distance of these routes is twenty miles. No sweat, right? In addition, these are quite friendly paths for those beginning to venture into the sports so one doesn’t have anything to worry about if he could make it to the next stop or so.

The first two routes take you down from La Mothe-Achard, a charming little town between Les Sables-d’Olonne and La Roche-sur-Yon, follows a trail unique to both routes, then back to the starting point.

The third route, on the other hand, is a bit more challenging than the first two routes. It begins from La Chaize-Giraud then heads northeast out of La Chaize-Giraud, following a marked trail. The return trail back to La Chaize-Giraud totals to more than thirty miles, ideal for those wanting a good sweat.

The last route, on the other hand, begins from Aizenay to La Mothe-Achard. In this route, one will get to enjoy the Aizenay forest, which cyclists prefer over the main road. Probably for the challenge or for the spectacular view of the forest, who knows?

Explore Vendee in a Hot Air Balloon

Another way of exploring the Vendée is by hot-air balloon. Although considered primarily for being a favorite recreational activity of the locals, ballooning is now also fast becoming a must in every foreigner’s to-do list while in the Vendée. Known in French as a “montgolfière,” after the surnames of the brothers, Montgolfier, who developed this means of transport in the eighteenth century, a hot-air balloon ride over the beautiful landscape of the Vendée in the early hours of the morning or at sunset is the perfect beginning to a romantic getaway.

Getting around through flight

One has the option to take the ninety-minute flight over Les Herbiers, which departs from somewhere near the Puy-du-Fou, with the help of some of Vendée’s hot-air balloon pilots. There are very few of them, but they are very popular so you won’t have a problem looking for a reliable one.

Explore The Vendee By Walking

One could simply walk around the Vendée. This not only saves one’s transportation money for the day’s tours, you also get to exercise.

Walking is one Vendée activity you shouldn’t miss doing. The Vendée is a magical place to go strolling. There are the verdant countryside and the city thoroughfares, beautiful any time of the day and all dressed up for a foreigner’s pair of eyes.

Guests should however make sure that they are following the routes marked specifically for walks so as not to get lost.

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