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If your planning to visit restaurants in Vendee then your in store for a great night out, many of Vendee restaurants offer high quality cuisine at good value, no matter what meal you want there are lots of places to eat in Vendee

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Vendee Restaurants

André Perrier

Inside the market hall, Niort

Inside Niort’s glass market hall, André Perrier’s kitchen provides an irresistible aroma of their huge helpings of braised steak and others to hungry shoppers.

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Auberge de la Bruyère

18 Rue du Docteur-Barbinneau, Pouzauges

While enjoying a splendid panoramic view of the Bocage from the open-air terrace, the restaurant offers an excellent plat-du-jour plus a crêperie for budget meals.

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Auberge de la Forêt

D80 Forest Road, Olonne-Sur-Mer

Michel Guéry never runs out of surprises for customers in his set-in-the-forest restaurant. Great food at expensive prices has never been a lousy bargain.

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Auberge de la Rivière

Rue Fouarne, Velluire

This peaceful and relaxing eleven-room two-chimney hotel overlooking the Vendée with a dining room at the edge of the water serves good food but doesn’t come cheap.

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Auberge du Lac

250 Rue du Général Charette,

Located near Memorial des Lucs and the Historial museum, this lovely lakeside restaurant serves quite sophisticated dishes with its outdoor dining area that overlooks the lake.

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Auberge du Mont Mercure

Place du Sommet, St-Michel-Mont-Mercure

Tucked away behind a church in the village, Hervé Robin’s menu doesn’t come cheap but provides some bargains on weekday lunches.

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Auberge Le Relais

, Le Perrier

Although set on the busy road from Challans to St-Jean-de-Monts, Auberge Le Relais has a wonderfully quiet setting overlooking an open marshland. Get a mouthwatering experience...

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Aux Chouans Gourmets

6 Rue des Halles, Fontenay-Le-Comte

Overlooking the Vendée river near the market hall, the restaurant serves excellent foie gras and fish.

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Bistrot du Port

7 Quai Garnier, Les Sables-D'olonne

This paradise for mussels lovers has five different ways of preparing these expensive freshwater mollusks—the sophisticated curry-flavored mouclade being the most popular. Of...

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Boeuf Couronné

55 Route de La Roche-sur-Yon, Luçon

The food in this hotel-restaurant isn’t as disappointing as the scenery, being on the La Roche road and all.

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Brasserie Le Clemenceau

41 Rue Georges Clemenceau, La Roche-Sur-Yon

The locals’ favorite restaurant, Brasserie Le Clemenceau has an excellent seafood menu and wonderfully active atmosphere. Exactly what “good food and value for...

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Café de la Plage

1 Rue de l'Océan, Sion-Sur-L'ocean

Oysters, moules, great wines, all at low prices, what else could one ask for? This restaurant set in a lovely Victorian-style building which has the warmest and friendliest staff...

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Café du Commerce

Corner of Rue Clemenceau and Place du Commerce, Luçon

Overlooking Richelieu's statue to the north side of the cathedral, this busy café serves great croquet-monsieurs or toasted cheese sandwiches making up for its smoke-laden...

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Champ de Foire

10 Place du Champ de Foire, Challans

With husband Yves’s menus using famous local produce, this medium-sized restaurant gives you the chance to feast on a lobster dinner. Experience the restaurant’s warm...

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Chez Charles

8 Place du Champ de Foire, Challans

Located right next to Champ de Foire, Chez Charles boasts of its specialties that include the local Challans duck and foie gras, which, like the restaurant’s décor,...

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Chez Gégène

Le Port, L'aiguillon-Sur-Mer

A paradise for shellfish lovers, this big restaurant-bar is popularly known to serve the freshest oysters and mussels in town. While devouring sumptuous meals of these expensive...

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Crêperie le Pommier

9 Rue des Gélinières, Pissotte

Situated in one of the area’s vineyards, Philippe and Michelle Coirier’s pretty house serves sweet pancakes, a generously filled galettes, puds, salads, and other...

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Ferme-Auberge du Moulin Migné

, Cheffois

In this farm restaurant, meat and vegetables are home-produced by Roland and cooked and served by Isabelle. Make reservations twenty-four hours in advance. Vegetarian dishes are...

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Hotel du Centre

Opposite Château, Apremont

Whether you decide to eat outside in the terrace or inside in the cool, the restaurant offers the same excellent food, especially mussels. Make sure to book in advance on weekends...

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La Belle Vie

7 Quai du Port-Fidèle, St-Gilles-Croix-De-Vie

Hearty shares of mussels, grills, crêpes, a warm atmosphere, and a good view of the fishing harbor—these are just but a few of what La Belle Vie has to offer.

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La Boule d'Or

, Talmont-St-Hilaire

Set in an old-fashioned hotel at the town’s center and across the chateau, this high-class restaurant offers traditional French food to its local clientele. The English...

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La Cambuse

Port de Plaisance (Marina), L’Herbaudière, Noirmoutier (L’herbaudière)

Delight in the restaurant’s grills and seafood menu and enjoy the view it offers of the newly renovated harbor on the coast of Noirmoutier. Another top-rated choice for great...

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La Chaise Longue

Plage des Demoiselles, St-Jean-De-Monts

Experience luxurious fillings of scallops and shellfish in their crêperie and get a good view of the beach at the southern end of the seafront in St-Jean at this high-class...

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La Cotriade

8 Rue Louis Cristau, St-Gilles-Croix-De-Vie

The restaurant’s great menu of grilled fish, sardines, and other fish and the superb service and warm welcome make up for the customer’s not being able to directly view...

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La Digue

9 Rue des Abreuvoirs,

Overlooking the Grande and Petite Maine rivers, this waterside restaurant serves tasty grilled fish as well as meat.

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La Fontarabie

57 Rue de la République, Fontenay-Le-Comte

A former coaching inn on the lower main street of Fontenay, the restaurant of this two-star hotel serves local dishes like lamb and salads. A rare menu in the Vendée is the...

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La Sittelle

33 Rue Maréchal Leclerc, Aizenay

Borrowing its name from the nuthatch, a small bird, La Sitelle is the best choice for dine-out special occasions although one has to choose a four-course offering the same food for...

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Le Boisvinet

2 Rue Louis Cristau, St-Gilles-Croix-De-Vie

Since this is a highly recommended restaurant, it is best to get a reservation so you wouldn’t miss the chance to taste their menu, which is mainly seafood, and be delighted...

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Le Cayola

On D32B, 7km SE of Les Sables, Chateau-D'olonne

Featured and praised in the Nouvel Observateur, the famous French magazine, this restaurant perched atop the cliff with an overlooking view of Cayola Bay provides expensive but...

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Le Collibert

Rue principale, Maillezais

Aside from the magnificent sight of the ruined abbey at the marshes, this restaurant situated right at the town’s main street guarantees a delightful dining experience for...

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Le Cottage

60 Avenue de Luçon, Talmont-St-Hilaire

Easily accessible location on the main road, Le Cottage serves excellent food at great prices. The warm atmosphere provides for a more relaxing eating experience.

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Le Petit St-Thomas

11 Boulevard des Platanes, La Garnache

Owners Magali and David Bourmaud offer hearty banquets of delightful food including great portions of mussels and a couple of duck’s joints for every person in their top...

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Le Port

24 Quai George V, Les Sables (La Chaume)

Right across the water from Les Sables, Le Port is known for good food and the great view it has of the harbor entrance. Unfortunately for those seated at the first floor back,...

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Le Saint Charles

38 Rue de Gaulle, La Roche-Sur-Yon

The fluent-English-speaking family of Hermouets has prepared a sophisticated jazz-themed menu of great food perfectly cooked and promptly served. From Place Napoléon be...

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Les Flots Bleus

Plage du Rocher, Les Conches, Longeville-Sur-Mer

Just a walking distance from La Tranche, this bistrot or café serves salads, omelettes, galettes, desserts, and even breakfast on New Year’s Day

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Loulou Panoramique

19 Route Bleue, La Chaume, Les Sables (La Chaume)

A mere two kilometers from the road along La Chaume’s quayside is this elegant restaurant which offers Jean-Pierre Houga-prepared dishes of widely known excellent seafood....

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Restaurant des Pêcheurs

11 Rue du Port de Passay, La Chevrolière

Fisherman’s-café-turned-old-style-restaurant, Restaurant des Pêcheurs specializes in the produce of the mysterious Lac de Grand Lieu. Opens at lunchtime only,...

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Villa Dilecta

15 Boulevard Kennedy, Les Sables-D'olonne

This sophisticated 1930s villa, which is a 2006 Michelin Rosette Awardee, and now a chic restaurant boasts of a pleasant décor and Jean-Pascal Vallée-designed seafood...

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